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Simply upgrading your Wellness Program at neutral cost will...

Through our partners in the group wellness marketplace, our platform offers a myriad of Lifestyle Wellness benefits, expanding our offering to near 100 industries over the standard 6-10 industries offered by other benefits. All this is wrapped up neatly in a corporate group product that provides many more features with ultimate flexibility!


Our partners are made up of independent brokers, TPA’s (Third Party Administrators) and Corporate wellness providers.  Employees will enjoy many benefits such as; online account balance; subsidies added to their account simply by living well; free information from wellness professionals on nearly every topic relating to wellness; an extensive directory of providers and deals for 321 well customers; complimentary sessions, lunch and learns, treatments; much more...


Corporations implementing this extensive wellness option often choose strategies that create a zero cost option for their employees while providing 10 times the benefits. .

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