3-2-1 WELL is a registered trademark of Lifestyle Wellness Benefits Inc.

3-2-1 WELL TM

Lifestyle Wellness Benefits Inc.

CanFit Pro

Canadian Fitness Professionals


Canadian Association of Holistic Nutrition Professionals

The Ontario College of Reflexology

It’s that simple!  Every person deserves to make their own decision, free of influences they can’t control.  Every part of 3-2-1 WELL, along with every person and organization that has invested time and resources has done so with the single objective of creating “wellness for the sake of Well Being”.


No other industry or system, besides wellness related ones, has had a say in the development and design of our initiative.





Knowledgeable - Educated in their specialized field of wellness.

Qualified - Provide quality care with well-being as the end result.

Certified - Members of a group that certifies their skills to ensure high quality service and continued education.
Responsible - Socially and ethically accountable ensuring high quality service and results.
Effective - Working with other wellness providers for a holistic approach to well-being.
Transparent - Accurately defined wellness provider disciplines.  

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This is the very first benefit program that is dedicated exclusively to Lifestyle Wellness Service Providers.

Licensing better ensures that the service providers that are paid by us are properly represented, board certified and properly educated to service employees and the general public.